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Emergence of restaurants in Phnom Penh

Reasons People Should Eat Fish


Reasons Why People Should Eat Fish

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People were born to eat and they eat to live. There are many foods that people need such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and water. However, some foods are not really good to people's health if they eat too much of them. For example, bacon, chicken, or any foods that consist of high cholesterol. Among all the foods, fish is one of the foods that is recommended to eat, especially for kids and elder people. Below are several reasons why people should eat fish.


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Fish is also one of many delicious foods, and it is good to eat. When people eat fish they often experience the sweet taste of the fish's meat. Moreover, fish is so soft to eat. Some fish does not even have bone which make you choke. What is even special about this is that it is good for diet people. For those people who are on diet, they can eat fish. This is an advantage because they can still enjoy with the good taste but will not gain weight.

High Nutrient


Some people might lack some nutrients, especially kids. This could be one of the reasons which makes them did not grow up well both physically, psychologically, and mentally. Because of this, they are suggested to eat fish even more because this kind of food consists of high nutrients. The high level of nutrients of the fish will fulfill the missing pieces locating inside people's growing cells.

Lower Risk of Heart Attack


Fish is regarded as one of all healthy foods to eat for healthy health as well as healthy heart. Because this type of food consists of so little fat and the fat is also the healthy fat which helps contribute more to the heart. When your body does not have bad fat and has only good fat, the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke will be decreased.

Depression Prevention

Depression is one the most concerning mental issues which should receive more attention. People should always think about some methods to deal with this every time. There are many solutions to deal with this, and eating good and correct foods should be one of those solutions. Owing to many studies, eating fish regularly can prevent depression or help you get no depression at all. It is because fish comprises of omega-3 fat which is very helpful in fighting against depression and improve more concentration.